29 Apr 1952 – Mention of Crossing the Abyss Operation, New Name

29 Apr 52

(1071 S Orange Grove Ave. Pasedena California)

Care Frater Saturnus,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
The recently completed operation proved satisfactory from every standpoint, but far more exhausting than I had anticipated. However I am continuing without pause upon the rather extensive program laid out for me for the coming year, utilizing the appropriate restorative methods in recognition of my weakness.

Of that which passed it is at present fitting only that I indicate the following passage. “My name is NAG, which in the Sanskrit is serpent, and my number is 54 and 9, that is the number of the fire of obeah, and of the letter Teth, which signifies a serpent, and my number is 704, which is 11 (Note. 704 = Arbatel. Also angel L.T.N. of Pices. T) that is a number of our body, whose letter is also Teth, and this is the name I bear as I travel through the abyss seeking the womb of my lady BABALON, and this is a numeration thereof, and this is my sign that was given unto Nagaya the cobra by the Lord Buddha, for that he should tie the rest of the bond, and behold this is the name and sign taken by thee when thou camest to puberty in thy 14th year, thou (sh – sic) thou understand it in nowise”.

Teth then is the signature that I shall use in this period:
I understand that you are preparing further manuscripts of A.C. for transcription. I am most interested in obtaining copies of the Comment on Liber 65 and on the Vision and the Voice, as well as any other unpublished works which pertain to my present study.

Although my finances are rather low, I would certainly want to share in the expense of typing or printing. I would much appreciate it if you would send a list of anything which is available, together with the price.
I understand that Brother Fredrick (Mellinger. T) is now working with you. Please convey my best regards. The same to yourself and wife.

Love is the law, love under will. Fraternally

Teth (In Hebrew. T)