Unpublished Forward to the Book of Babalon_

Dated 01/09/1950

Handwritten notation: “Written to the unknown child whom he implied incarnated somewhere as Babalon as a (unintelligible) of the Babalon Working.”

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

My daughter, it is now four years since I entered the infernal chapel, and partook of the sacrament of your incarnation. Since then, much that was prophesied at that time has come to pass. I have been stripped of wealth, of honor, and of love, and participated not once but twice in my own betrayal, as it was foretold. But how else would I have come to the understanding needful to make this your Book?

For thereby I have taken the oath of the abyss, and entered my rightful city of Chorazin, and seen therin the past lives whereby I came to this, the grossest of all my workings. Now it would seem that the further matters of the prophecy are at work; events press on tumultuously, and “Time Is” is writ large across the sky.

And against the time when “Time Has Been” looms up in blood and fire to complete this labor, for your instruction and for the instruction and help of all men and women who shall survive that day.

God knows there is much unsaid and barely said; obscurity, peevishness, haste and bad workmanship mar these pages until sometimes I wonder if I do not do disservice to our cause. There is so much needful, so little available. Yet, since I have been chosen, I do my best.

Although I have had indications, they are not certain. I do now know who you are, nor where you are at this writing, nor have I ever sought to know. (Refers to the incarnation of Babalon, as a result of his ‘Babalon working’. T) This I do know, that you are incarnate, that you will manifest at the appointed time, to carry on the work that is from the beginning: that shall be until we have all entered the City of the Pyramids. The links are certain – the Beast 666, the Pole Star 132 (W.T. Smith T), Grim Saturn (Karl Germer T), the dark passionate star Regina (Kahl T), the bright deceitful star cassap (Cassiopeia – Ed.), the disastrous star of the White Scribe (Ron Hubbard T), and the wandering star, now nameless, on whom you were incarnated.

It is through them that this work is possible. To them, to you BABALON, and through you to all men and women, it is dedicated.

Love is the law, love under will.