Advertisement for the Gnostic Catholic Church in Pasadena

The Gnostic Church offers a unique and comprehensive course in witchcraft and magic, including material and methods of presentation of a completely new and unusual nature. The inmost secrets of the arcane schools and mystery cults, magical colleges and of the Witchcraft are correlated with the most modern studies in anthropology and psychiatry.

The nature and function of magic is traced from prehistoric times through every major primitive and ancient culture, through the orient and mediaeval world unto the present time.

The origins of religions and religious beliefs, of morals and ethics, customs and taboos, and social and sexual attitudes are presented with clarity and detail. The problems of the individual in the modern world are analyzed against this illuminating background, and methods of practical solution, indicating paths to the utmost attainment in love, wisdom and power are presented to the student.

There is nothing else like this course either in the occident or orient. It is only made possible by the cooperation of initiates and scholars in a completely new method of teaching. Experimental methods are included, and their use is encouraged.

The avowed purpose of the Gnostic Church is the stimulation of individuality and of independent thought and experiment leading to individual attainment. A complete series of courses is offered leading the student from the basic background and concepts through to the ultimate goal of all initiation.

Enroll today in the Basic Course 1A. Basic Magic, Religion and Witchcraft from Prehistory to the Present (See enclosed prospectus). This is a prerequisite to all other courses of instruction of the Gnostic Church. Fill out the enclosed form and return it at once to the Gnostic Church, P.O. Box 21140 Pasadena, California, U.S.A.

The cost of the course is 10 dollars, payable in advance. Send your cheque or money order with your application. There are no hidden fees, charges or obligations in connection with this course. No salesmen will call, and you will not be importuned to continue. Advancement in instruction depends entirely upon your own interest and efforts.

Act now, and begin a most unusual and interesting experience in the adventure of your education in life.