5 Oct 1949  – Extract Only – On the Babalon Working

5 Oct 49

Dear Candida

According to your last letter – although I may be able to give you valuable technical advice from time to time – still you have probably reached the point where your guidance – in terms of that necessary for an appropriate decision – is adequate for your needs.

However, since Rome is such a new center, I wonder if it would not be worth your while to spend a little time there. It is only one of the three centers of opposition. I don’t see how you will meet destiny in Guadalahara – on the other hand you might – or in Oshkosh, Minsk, Flatbush or any other place you may decide to go. This is quite uninspired – as it should be – it is really not my concern at all.

After all, the other name of Armageddon will not be written until the morning of Ragnarok, when at last Her banner is unfolded before the armies. This part of the prophecy I have never told, and do not know that I ever shall. So far it has been quite literal. I suppose I shall see that bloody sunset, just as I have seen the rest. Well, I can change nothing, nor do I care to. What is loosed is loosed, and well loosed. All the rest calls for redemption; and nature moves inexorably towards a balance. If I am used in that work – however ill used – I am glad of it.

We can be insulated against everything but death – in fact, death is the very substance of our insulation. But to be used by life we must be naked and to be naked is to be hurt. But it is also to be alive.


In Tarot Divination – the IHVH method is better to show how the cards are running and indicate the general situation – the Celtic mode is best for particulars. Notice that you can detail either method by increasing the number of houses – and the pack dealt into the blocks so that the relationship can be studied. Usually this is not necessary. Remember, divination is the least of the powers of the Tarot. It is also a key to the highest initiation. Each trump and its relations.

The rest of the happenings that befell are secret. They concern things of which I never can tell, and never shall try to tell. Let this suffice. I know that Babalon is incarnate upon earth at this moment, although I do not know where or as whom. I believe that She will manifest in Her proper time, and that thereafter the rest of the prophecy will naturally follow. And in that knowledge and belief I rest content.