Jack Parsons in Kenneth Grant’s “Outside the Circles of Time”

The following are excerpts regarding Jack Parsons from Kenneth Grant’s book “Outside the Circles of Time” – the fifth book in his Typhonian Trilogies. 

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[Pages 49-51]

The work of Achad and of Parsons (14) exhibited profound awareness of a cosmic unfoldment that may not always be recognized even by those who are able ‘unconsciously’ to pick up and express aspects of the Current. How complex the pattern is may be appreciated by the fact that when Parsons received Liber 49 (The Book of Babalon), which he proclaimed to be the fourth chapter of AL, it was in magical concert with L.R. Hubbard (15) that extra-terrestrial contact was established. It remains to be seen what part of the puzzle Hubbard may manifest, but that he clutched at it through the door opened by Parsons is shown by the circumstances attendant upon the Babalon Working, for an account of which see The Magical Revival. The Working began in 1945-6, a few months before Crowley’s death in 1947, and just prior to the wave of unexpected arial phenomena now recalled as ‘The Great Flying Saucer Flap’. Parsons opened a door and something flew in; he supposed it was Babalon and the fourth chapter of AL; others have supposed other things but all are agreed that something unusual, something inexplicable by mundane laws, occurred around that time. Both Crowley’s and Achad’s prolonged initiations led up to this phenomenon which charged the ‘forties with the atmosphere of menace adumbrated in 1904 (in AL. III. 46) (16) and which fulminated in Hiroshima in preparing the way for the ‘eighties that cower before me and are abased’ (AL. III. 46).

Various writers have suggested that extra-mundane intelligences are apprehensive about nuclear disturbances originating on earth. The ‘UFO flap’ that commenced after Hiroshima was considered by some to be part of an investigation of what is, perhaps, after all, merely an experiment in human evolution. It will not be the first time that such an experiment has failed. (17) On the other hand man likes to feel, no doubt, that his puny activities could disturb remote galaxies; he may hazard extinction, even, for the sake of exalting his ego in such a manner. Man’s thinking is determined by the mass media to a larger extent than he is prepared to admit, he therefore tends to interpret ‘occult’ phenomena in terms of ‘extra-terrestrials’, space-craft constructed on principles he will one day himself understand and use, ‘planetary and inter-planetary wars,’ and so on. To the occultist, however, a quite different interpretation suggests itself. For example, the word ‘abased’ in the above quotation is, by gematria, equivalent to the word Alalia which Frater Achad ‘discovered’ in 1943. Both are forms of the number 73. Alalia conceals a magical formula of the 73 Current which works through the ‘feminine aspect of Chokmah (18) in his phallic function! (19) Chokmah is the Wise One who appears as GML (also 73), ‘the Priestess of the Silver Star’, who is the female hierophant in the form of the moon. Chokmah is therefor the logos whose word is AL AL IA.

The word ‘cower’ is equal to 237, which is that of Ur-He,Ka, the Great Magick Power of ShPhChH (Sefekh), the Goddess 393. 237 is also the number of Aossic, spelt in a certain manner, an extra-terrestrial entity whose name has had particular significance since the year 1945, the year in which Parsons ‘opened the door’.

(14) John Whiteside Parsons (1914-1952). One time head of a lodge of the O.T.O. in California. He was a scientis who worked on jet propulsion techniques. He finally blew himself to pieces in a laboratory accident and has since had the rare distinction of having named after him a mountain on the moon.
(15) It is here of interest to note another strange ramification of the web, for according to Frank B. Long, Hubbard met – years before his collaboration with Parsons – the man whose name will always be associated with extra-terrestrials and alien life-forms – H.P. Lovecraft. See Howard Phillip Lovecraft by Frank Belknap Long. Arkham House, 1975.
(16)  46 is the number of Mu, the City of the Vulture (of Maat), and the Key of the Mysteries
(17)  See the Book of Dzyan; the Berosian account of Creation, & c.
(18)  Chokmah (Wisdom) is the name of the Second Sephira. It is represented astronomically by the Sphere of the Fixed Stars and is the secret zone of the Temple of Starry Wisdom.
(19)  A type of magical vibration represented by the god Mercury.