15, 16 Jan (1950, presumed) – Hotel Raleigh – Methods for Invoking

[Hotel Raleigh, Washington, D.C. letterhead] Jan. 15 [1950?]

Dear Candida


I am enclosing the 7th Aire. Copy it into a permanent note book along with any other rituals you intend to use. You should have the plan in detail, order of rituals, layout of temple, procedure etc. I will send you the ritual of the Bornless One, probably in a small Goetia, since it is rather long to copy. It is a very ancient, potent & dangerous ritual, often used by bold magicians in the Guardian Angel Working. It is useful as a preliminary in almost any sort of work, causing a tremendous concentration of force. It is, however, liable to produce dangerous side phenomena and sometimes permanent haunting in an area where it is repeated, & is for this reason often avoided. Never do it without banishing & opening the temple, then closing and banishing again. I’m tired from the trip and will myself close now.

Jan. 16

Method of invoking

1. Banishing pentagram

2. Opening Hexagram

3. Ritual (may be preceded by Bornless One, or other preliminary invocation).

Then, for a superior force (god)

a. Supplication of the force
b. Description of the Force
c. Identification (or union) with the Force.

For a lesser force (spirit, angel, demon, elemental)

a. Supplication of a superior force (appropriate god)
b. Description of a superior force.
c. Identification with superior force.
d. As superior force, invocation and command of lesser force.

4. Closing Hexagram

5. Banishing pentagram.

For gods, an appropriate altar is used. For the rest, the magician stands within an appropriate circle, and invokes the force into a triangle. In any case the appropriate weapons, perfume, colors, should be used, the names and signs of the appropriate angels, planets should be drawn or written on talismans.
The magician should be robed and wear the sign or talisman of the highest force appropriate to the invocation. He should exhibit this when it is necessary to command, and (except in the case of Gods to whom it is inappropriate) a sword which he should not hesitate to use on anything or anyone who threatens to intrude or break the ritual. Once started, a ritual must not be stopped for any reason. It should be done in a secluded place, and no one should enter who has not been tested and consecrated by the magician.
The invocation of Gods (which pertains to a higher magic) is subtle and subject to individual variation and personal composition.

The invocation of lesser forces is exact, and, since love does not usually enter in so much, in one sense far more dangerous. In the higher work you are actually wooing the god – it is an act of art. In the lower you are compelling, it is an act of science.

The state in a proper working is indescribable but unmistakable. It is essential that everything be prepared and learned properly well in advance, since when things start to happen much of the work will have to go on automatically.

The primary methods are:

1. Goetia (Demonic)
2. Planetary (Clavicle)
3. Enochian (Elementals and Aires)
4. Solar (Guardian Angel)

I have found the Enochian the best (although complicated). The Tarot corresponds to the Enochian system obtained by Dr. Dee – the Trumps to the Aires and the courts to the Gods, Seniors and Angels and the numbers to the lesser angels.

Probably you can use the Tarot alone if you follow the following steps.

1. Consecrate the appropriate weapons to Earth, Air, Fire and Water. (The Sword also to Mars and Bartzabel.)

2. Consecrate the appropriate card as a talisman.

3. Construct the entire ritual. Invoke the card down from the appropriate trumps, and across by the appropriate correspondences. Don’t forget the material link and vital fluid. Blood will do in a pinch.

4. Fast, for the day before starting.

5. Consult the cards first to see if the ritual is appropriate and correct.

6. Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum – its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow.

But the master don’t give a shit for that. He will tell the yokels fortunes till the cows come home, if it suits his purposes.

93 93/93
Love, Jack


Of Familiars

To the adept who has established his balance in the sixfold star, and partaken of the nature of understanding, the service of familiars may be entertaining, instructive and even evaluable towards the attainment of the great work. I quote from a certain secret document pertaining to the subject.
“The Threefold work of the adept is a probation and preparation for illumination, and also for its own sake, and the permanent and practical value of its effects, is as follows:

1. Devotion to the highest intensified on all planes until it culminates in conjugal unions (as shown in Chapt. VII). And the soul is to beget itself as a child for a new incarnation upon the body of the great goddess, as it is written. “O thou that hast formulated thy father and made fertile thy mother”.

2. Acceptance of the devotion of a lower and partial being, such as a nymph or elemental in such wise that it is thereby redeemed and made a perfect soul through the death which it must pay as the price of union with man.

3. The deliberate and will considered creation of new Orders of Being.

Of the second matter let the adept consider of the following. All races in all ages have legends of magical beings, nymphs, satyrs, fauns, undines, oreads, fairies and such like, also rumors of commerce between these beings and mortals, as of Ben Elohim with the daughters of men, of the fairy Melusine, Thomas the Rhymer, the wife of Du Gueshlin, the origin of Merlin and the familiars of the Magi. Also it is told how one dreaming erotic dreams, how his substance inadvertently escapes from him and the incubus materializes there from (for on all planes matter and energy are never lost, but only transformed.) Also it is told how in the Sabbath of the Witchcraft each took a companion that was not human. Also the matter is discussed with great wisdom in the Books of Paracelsus, and in the Comte de Gabalis.

Now this matter, the invocation of familiars, is one of the easiest matters of magick, and most dangerous. It is easy for the reason further given and dangerous because the adept (who is not truly adept) may be obsessed and overthrown through his weakness in dealing with these beings.
Nonetheless, if he will to risk this danger, these spirits, or even the demons, may be called the methods of the Clavicle of Solomon or of the Goetia, utilizing the same means as those applied to the applied to the elemental tablets. But it is not advised.

There are other means of obtaining familiars, mostly pertaining to witchcraft. One such means is to slay an elemental (animal or other lower being) within a magical circle, thereby appropriating the magical force. Another method is to establish a material connection with the elemental, thereby affirming a magical link. But if the magician be not wary, such links can draw him down to hell. It has been my observation that most marriages are of this nature.

Amen. This matter is easy, for the souls of the elements desire constantly this salvation. But let the adept beware;

1) That he chooses a wisely reasonable soul, docile, apt, beautiful and in all ways worthy of love.

2) That he fall not away from love of the Great Goddess into love of an inferior, but give only as a master and of his mercy, knowing that this also is service to his high lady above.

3) That of such familiar spirits he have but four, and let him regulate their services appointing hours for each.

4) That he treat them with kindness and firmness, being on his guard against their tricks.

That being said it is enough, for to have them is but the pains to call them forth from their homes, and the sprits of the Elemental Tablets given by Dr Dee and Edward Kelly are the best, being very perfect in their nature and faithful, affecting the human race. And if not so powerful as they are less dangerous than the planetary spirits, for these are more boisterous, and by the disastrous stars easily perturbed and afflicted.

Call them therefore by the calls of Enoch as is written in the Book ye know of, and let there by after the calls an evocation by the wand, and let the marrow of the wand be preserved within the Pyramids of the letters that make up the home of the spirit.

Now unless ye be well skilled in the art of magick ye will not dare call forth the three Great Gods of the whole tablet, or the King Serpent thereof, or the six Seniors majestical, or even the Gods of the Calvary Crosses in the lesser angles.

But the cherubic rulers, yea verily and amen, those are your mates, and ye may yet more safely summon the lesser assistant angels. And those that are in this art novices shall wisely call forth only the Trigramata of the Sub-elements.
And well may I testify to the truth of this matter, for by this means I got an elemental mate (namely his wife Cameron Parsons. See the record of the working which survives. T) and attained the Grade of Accursed Adept, and the vision of BABALON, even as it is written. (See the Babalon Working, which survives. T).

(Remainders of the book, which survives – though incomplete – in typescript in the possession of Karl Germer, not copied.)