The Fool

The Fool

I followed a lonely way
I followed a drifting star
And following ever, a beast behind,
But the star was far and far.

I left the cozy coral,
I left the comfortable land
To seek a dream in the dreamy sky
And a skirling song unheard.

I found a wonderful flower
That mirrored the dream in the air.
I reached to gather the flower in
For my close curling hair

And a little spotted snake
Struck from the golden bud…
I followed a lonely way
With poison in my blood.

I walked a dreadful way
In the jungle, sick and blind
With a quiet laughter overheard
And a monstrous beast behind

At last I turned at bay
On the narrow way I trod
And screamed aloud at what I saw,
For lo, the beast was God;

With the eyes of a laughing girl
And the flower in his hair
And the spotted snake about his throat
And his face was cruel and fair.